Party – Party – Party! A great giveaway


We are hosting a great giveaway on Instagram! It is easy to join. Hurry up the competition ends October 10th. Here is what you do:

Find us on Instagram at @rice_usa, then:

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Best of luck every one! It’s a PARTY!!!

Frozen pops

This summer has been hot – hot days calls for cold treats.

photo 2-3

These popsicles are easy to make, kids can make them entirely on their own. This is a great playdate activity. You could get fancy and make your own juice using fresh berries and other great ingredients. We made the lazy version – less dishes to clean afterwards and more time to play wile waiting for the pops to freeze. 

photo 5-1
Ingredients: Favorite fruit smoothie, favorite melamine Rice cups ( small size),  favorite melamine Rice short spoons
photo 3-1
Pour the smoothie into the cups
photo 2-1
Place the cups on a tray. This way you are less likely to spill smoothie all over your frozen goods when placing the cups into the freezer. Do not place the spoons in yet.


photo 1-1
Place the cups in the freezer, still without the spoons. Once the smoothie starts to freeze, just enough to hold the spoons straight up – stick the spoons into the center of the cup. This took a little more than one hour in our freezer. Check frequently – you do not want to miss your chance to stick the spoons in. Close the freezer and wait a little longer until the pops are set. We waited another hour.
photo 4
photo 3


photo 2-2

photo 1
You can always put your popsicle back in the cup once it starts melting -make a slushy!

Enjoy! Happy Summer!!